2Juicy Orange Squeezer Too Rockin' For One Hand

Illustration for article titled 2Juicy Orange Squeezer Too Rockin For One Hand

Anyone who likes their, um, oranges, um, freshly-squeezed by hand in the morning should, perhaps, think about buying 2Juicy, a manual juicer from SuckUK. Anyone who doesn't should stick with their Braun automatic one—then at least you'll have one hand free for whatever else you like to do when you're squeezing oranges. [SuckUK]

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@TimurY: *Creates infomercial*

"Until now, there has bee only one way to get that fresh orange juice you crave- pressing oranges against your eyes. No more. Introducing the new 2Juicy manual juicer!" *Rants on, repeatting self for 10 minutes, showing gruesome images of pressing oranges against the eyes*