Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but here's the final take on the subject of Mr Macbook Air's comparative girth, including not only the Dell m1330 and Sony Vaio TZ again (Little Big Red and Lil' EVDOFace), but also the 15-inch Macbook Pro (Sled Zero), the 13-inch Macbook (Spare Tire), and Apple's last real subnotebook: The PowerPC driven 12-inch Powerbook (Silver Pup). What, you don't name your laptops? UPDATE: Added TiVo remote, CD case, Blu-ray movie case, and iPhone. What else should we compare it to?

I'm still on the fence as to what defines portability. The air pitches it as thinness and weight, and does so well. But the 12-inch powerbook and the Sony Vaio TZ feel smaller. They might have smaller keyboards and screens, but as for throwing them into a man purse or small bag, the units with smaller screens seems a lot easier to tote. But moving from room to room with it, carrying the Air with one hand, it's clear that this is the sturdiest and easiest inner-house haul.