Lasers. They're pretty much the most wonderful thing the Man has ever invented. So for this week's Shooting Challenge, you shot lasers, and lasers shot you.


Winner: Laser Man!

Beams of light broke the foggy darkness. A figure emerged, his silhouette breaking the light. Who was he? A time traveler? A visitor from another world? was just me standing in front of a laser projector, trying not to violently shiver and mess up the shot. This one is actually pretty basic, but it took numerous attempts to get the right angles and for me to hold still enough for the 30-second exposure to get the desired effect. A fog machine helped to illuminate the laser beams and add some ambiance to the scene. Photoshop was used to remove a stray LED in the background and up the brightness/contrast. Sony Alpha SLT-A55 with the 18-55mm kit lens: 30s shutter, f/11 aperture, ISO-400.
- Jeremy Klukan

Laser Droid!

Cool shot taken at a ghostland observatory concert in a drunken haze with the world renowned camera.....motorola droid X
- Michael Croft


Laser Dragon!

For inspiration, I dug up my green laser and walked around my house pointing it at anything reflective or glass. Finding this glass figurine (originally from Amboise, France), I used the laser to light him up. The longer shutter speed (8 seconds for example) lit it too evenly, so the faster shutter with tighter aperture worked better. You can see the laser on the ground below the base of the figure! Canon T2i, 3"2, f/20, ISO 1600, kit lens (18-55) @ 24mm.
-David Runde


Laser Self-Portrait!

The photo is a self portrait that was taken at the laser show using a timer. I did this myself by setting the camera on a 10 second timer running in front knocking people out of the way throwing my hands in the air. I did this repeatedly until I got a desired shot. People kept looking at me like a mad man running around with my hand in the air. I got to admit, leaving the camera without supervision even for 10 seconds was a bit nerve breaking. Nikon D7000, Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8 Speed: 1/15 ISO: 800 Aperture: f/1.8
- Philip Blue


Laser Burj Khalifa!

As suggested in the challenge I wanted the laser to be the subject. I like that the beams stands out against the world's tallest building - the Lego Burj Khalifa and assorted nails and pens used for the skyline. The laser is from a Christmas themed DJ'ing box that I got on discount before ripping out all the spinny Santa Claus etchings. This left a simple green and red laser beam. No photoshopping beyond desaturating the RAW file and adding a small highlight to the top of the tower. Shot on a table against a blue background with a red filtered light behind the skyline. The curve of the beam was achieved by bouncing the beam off the edge of a metal saw. Canon Eos1000D ISO 100, 10-24mm wide angle lens. I spent the whole time terrified that I'd direct the beam into the sensor. No more scary challenges please.
- James Slade


Laser Party!

This shot was taken at the TECHNICOLOR 2 dance and laser light show event in Houston, TX. My friend and I found out about the event just after reading the latest Giz shooting challenge, so we figured we had to go. Managed to get permission from the coordinators to bring DSLRs in, and the fun was ready to be had. Neither of us had ever shot an event like this before, so it took some learning as we went along, but we ended up with a bunch of really cool shots. Shot on a Nikon D7000 at 1/15 and ISO 800. Lens was a Nikkor 35mm at f/1.8. Originally tried for longer shots, but found that I liked the crisper look of the lasers in the short shots better, so I spent all night shooting the fastest lens in my bag, the little 35mm. The bartenders at the back of the event were cool, and let me set up my tripod on a platform behind the bar, so I was able to get some cool shots of the laser effects without having the crowd blocking my view.
- Scott Wallace


Laser Ring!

I wanted to "split" the beam of the laser into multiple beams. After trying a few things lying around the house I finally stumbled on my wife's wedding ring! I pointed the laser right at it and really liked the look of all the facets of the diamond "splitting" the laser beam. In photoshop I did some cropping and turned the laser from red to blue. Canon T2i w/ kit lens f5.6 1/2s iso 200.
- Jared Grayden


Laser DJ!

Other than photography, I would have to say my other passion lies in music. So when I am able to combine the two together, I am probably one of the happiest people you will meet - and that is exactly what this weeks challenge let me do! In the picture provided, I went to see a few local DJ's perform with an amazing laser light show going on behind them while they played. My goal was to capture the intensity of the lasers used during the show, expressing the different energy level of each song being played. Overall the show was amazing, and I haven't had so much fun taking pictures of lasers before until this challenge. This photo was shot with a Nikon D7000. Exposure time was 1/13 of a second, F-stop was f/4.2 and the ISO was set to 1600.
- Bryndan Bedel


Laser Man! The Return!

I saw this Shooting competition on the day that we took delivery of our new RGB laser at work, so naturally I took it as a sign to experiment with some shots! It was shot on a Sony Alpha 350 18-70mm lens with a 3.2 second exposure with me stood in the middle of a darkened stage. ISO 200 f/13
- Jim Cooke


You guys really, really outdid yourselves this week. And on a particularly earnest note, your general, liberal access to lasers worries me. Check the full galleries below, and find the wallpapers-sized shots on flickr.

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