$37,000 for a Jewel-Encrusted Magic Mushroom Flash Drive? You Must Be Trippin'

Illustration for article titled $37,000 for a Jewel-Encrusted Magic Mushroom Flash Drive? You Must Be Trippin

A 32GB flash drive costs about $25 online. Then again, those aren't covered in 10 carats of precious gemstones. Take that 99 Percent.


The Magic Mushroom line of ultra-premium USB drives from Swiss jewelr La Maison Shawish are available in pink ruby, red ruby, and emerald varieties. The 9 carats of pink stones studded with diamonds will run $16,500, a 10 carat red ruby (again with diamonds) costs $24,400, and the top-of-the-line, emerald-coated case will set you back a cool $36,900.

They all have a 32GB capacity and, according to Shawish, were meant to evoke the mushrooms from Alice In Wonderland. However, given that you could buy 58 of the new 32GB iPad for what you'd spend on just one of these, this is one rabbit hole you probably shouldn't go down. [Born Rich via Yahoo]

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I didn't like mine at all. It wouldn't fit in a pocket so I had to hire someone to carry it around. She turned out to be a real bitch and actually gave me the clap. After I fired her, it turns out she'd switched the jewels out for glass copies. The only person whom I can trust now is my hamster and you poor slobs think you've got problems.