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38-Year Old Sony CRT TV Turns Into a Lightbox-Frame

Illustration for article titled 38-Year Old Sony CRT TV Turns Into a Lightbox-Frame

How many would trade in their grannies for an old Sony TV-750 CRT from 1972? Or, to rephrase that question, how many would swap them for a Sony TV-750 recycled into a photo frame?


The end result is something which would sit proud next to an Eames chair in a retro-modern home (despite being made 20 years apart). It shouldn't be too hard to gut a TV and turn it into a lightbox, sticking one of your favorite prints inside—but I guess the hardest part would be finding a TV to your liking.

This isn't something you can do to that old NEC in the garage. [Atomic Indy via Whorange via Unplggd]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Trade in your grannie as in grandmother?