3D-Printed Wolverine Claws Turn Kids With Prosthetics Into Superheroes

A handful of enterprising engineers and artists are using 3D printers to design and build cheap but functional prosthetic hands for kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. And taking things one step further, Aaron Brown, a volunteer over at E-nabling The Future (the group behind the 3D-printed prosthetics initiative) took things one step further by designing a set of fake Wolverine claws to make kids wearing the prosthetics feel like superheroes.


The fake claws feature rounded tips and a silver-painted finish to make them look like they're made from sharpened steel—or adamantium. But while they might look dangerous, they're actually pretty safe, and can easily be removed or attached using a velcro base. For kids with prosthetics, though, a little imagination is all it's going to take to make them feel like they can take on super-villains, or the everyday tasks that the rest of us find easy. [E-nabling The Future via TechCrunch]

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