3D Printers Drop in Price, Almost Ready to Invade Your Home

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3D printers have been around for a while, but in the next two years their prices will drop so fast that you may one day find yourself with one sitting in your home. That's what the folks at Desktop Factory hope. They're planning on selling the first consumer 3D printer later this year for $4995.

The printer will be like an easy-bake oven, using a halogen light bulb to melt nylon powder and "print" 3D objects instead of ink on paper. Kids would be able to print out toys they see online, designers will be able to print sculptures, and so forth. Personally I think this is cool, sure $5k is outta my budget, but if prices dip further south (and they're bound to) I wouldn't mind having one at home.

Product Page [via NY Times]

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I've been waiting for this for about 10 years now. Finally the price is getting there. Of course in a couple more years these printers should be even cheaper and better, so perhaps I can wait just a little longer.

As someone who builds r/c planes this would be very useful to me. I'm always needing something like an odd-shaped motor mount.

Also there's a large number of items around the house that I've had to throw away because some little plastic part has broken and can't be glued.