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3G iPhone Getting Wireless iTunes Sync via Bonjour?

Illustration for article titled 3G iPhone Getting Wireless iTunes Sync via Bonjour?

Reader Jozen found these iPhone and iPod touch icons inside Lepard's CoreBundle.Type package after the 10.5.3 update. Why's this interesting at all to you? Because the only other devices that appear here are laptops and computer that connect via Bonjour, Apple's local automatic networking protocol. This leads us to conclude that the iPhone and iPod touch are getting Bonjour support officially (people have shoved Bonjour on there unofficially by way of jailbreak), which could lead to wireless syncing. QED? [Thanks Jozen!]


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I don't understand why wireless syncing of contacts isn't done on the iPhone already. With iSync, my old ass T-160 syncs contacts just fine via Bluetooth, and if for some reason my contacts are erased from my system, I can sync them back in the same fashion. What gives?