4 Masterful Mosaics

Using dots of paint, pointillists painted entire canvases with what was essentially one pixel of pigment at a time. Now, modern photo mosaics have automated the same effect, sorting hundreds, even thousands of images into one grand daddy photograph. Here are four images filled by near infinite memories, captured by you.

Winner: The Mosaic House Coke


I tried many combinations to make a nice mosaic photo. I took over 1000 photos of my cameras and camera related stuff to make a Rolleiflex photo mosaic, meh, it did not work well.

I went to visit my friend Ivenia in her house on Hollywood Hills, man, what a house, her husband George Ehling covered the whole house with tile making some amazing mosaics. Everyone knows the house by The Mosaic House or The Tile House. I wanted to just take a photo of the house and send it to this challenge, but I saw in her kitchen that twisted bottle of Coca-Cola she got in Mexico and I could not resist trying to apply the mosaic effect on a photo of the bottle.

This mosaic is full of the photos I took all over Ivenia's house.

Canon 70D, Lensbaby, f2.8. 1/100, ISO800

- Alecio De Paula

We've Been Places


The image is of my Panasonic point and shoot, but less obvious is all the tiles are images that have been previously submitted by me for the Gizmodo Shooting Challenges.

The image was captured via an iPhone 5S, and then put through Snapseed on the iPhone for global adjustments including the frame. The mosaic was created on AndreaMosaic.


- Jonas Demuro

New Zealand Dip


This is a 10,000 frame composition of Purakaunui Falls, New Zealand. I used a photo pool of 3,897 photos all taken from my New Zealand trip earlier this year. I used AndreaMosaic to create the final image.

- Pablo



Here's a mosaic of pictures from Sun'n'Fun fly in – April 1-3, 2014 – in Lakeland, Florida. The main image is of a spinner and propeller from a Lockheed Electra, like the one Amelia Earhart was flying.

Pictures were taken with a Nikon D7000 DSLR, with 10-24mm, 18-200mm and 70-300mm lenses. The mosaic was made by the AndreaMosaic program.


- Mike Brown

Great entries by all! But to really appreciate the work, you'll need to zoom in deep for detail. And you can do that over on flickr.


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