40 Second Toothbrush Doesn't Use Torture, Just "Enhanced Cleaning Techniques"

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On paper, the 40 Second Toothbrush, which de-plaques two rows of teeth at a time, looks like a fine idea. On paper. Would you put this in your mouth?

The thinking is that, by fitting around your teeth like some kind of bristly retainer, the 40 second toothbrush can decrease necessary brushing time by 66%. This assumes you were taking 120 seconds to brush your chiclets with a traditional toothbrush, which, let's be honest, you weren't.


This brush bears the two telltales marks of a Hammacher Schlemmer product, which it is: it solves a problem that nobody has (an inability to pay attention long enough to brush their teeth) with a method that probably doesn't work (wrapping your teeth in cupped brushes and vibrating like hell). Oh, I almost forgot about the third mark: it's $100. [Hammacher via RedFerret]