4chan Is Trying to Prank Lonely Single Guys with OkCupid

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The rabble rousers at 4chan are creating fake OkCupid profiles in an attempt to create an involuntary flashmob in New York City. It's sad for the potential victims but I gotta admit, sorta funny!

The idea is to use fake OkCupid accounts to tease "forever alone" guys into thinking that someone is interested in them. Once those single and lonely types are hooked, 4chan users will direct them to 46th street and Broadway in Times Square New York at 7:30pm on Friday the 13th in May. It'll be a gathering of single dudes looking for love! Which conveniently, can be watched on a public security camera.

Two tips: single guys should avoid any girl, real or imagined, who wants to meet at that time at that spot. Single girls! You can scope out the scene across the street to see if there are any diamonds in the rough. Also! How poetic would it be if a 4chan user fell for this prank? [Reddit via urlesque via NY Mag]

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If I were wealthy, I would hire a cadre of high-priced callgirls to show up... like really high priced callgirls, the drop-dead gorgeous variety that got Spitzer in hot water.

Then all the pranksters would be sitting alone at their computers on that Friday night, watching as their "victims" happily wandered off into the night with amateur models being paid to do marvelously lewd things to them.

Sadly, I think the sum total of my liquid assets would pay for about fifteen minutes for one of those girls. So get cracking, wealthy people who have nothing better on which to squander your money!