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Last year, an audiophile review site run by a priest and a mathematician discovered the T-Amp. The $30 toy amplifier outperformed gear costing thousands more, sending sonic nerd forums into a frenzy. This new amp does the same, but it connects your audio source and speakers via a 5.8-Ghz wireless transmitter, good for 150-feet. The amp is rated for an ultra-low distortion 20-Watts. Perfect for adding wireless rear speakers to your 5.1 surround rig. ( Or wiring your toilet with a 93db signal to noise ratio.)

Why? Egghead explanations after the jump.

Usually, wireless speakers don't sound any better than a walkie talkie, but these have stat-smather like 128 times oversampling, and error correction, so I'm assuming the link is digital and therefore relatively hiss free. The key to both these and last year's T-Amps being so rock-tastic, is that the rest of the amp is fully digital, too. Instead of moving speaker cones using curvy analog waves of power, these amps do it with thousands of full power pulses per second. Essentially, the speakers are getting juiced in binary. D-class amps, used in subs, do this, but only recently were chips made that could modulate fast enough for high frequency reproduction. Class dismissed.


5.8 Ghz T-Amp [ ThinkGeek ]

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