5 of the Best Android Apps Amazon's Giving Away For Free This Weekend

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As they've done before, Amazon's App Store is having a blowout on some fantastic Android apps this weekend. The Everything (App) Store is offering over $135 worth of apps for zero dollars—27 apps, entirely free. Here's the best of the temporary freebies:


Of course, given that this is a free app giveaway, you could very well just download all 27 and see which ones you like the most. First, you'll need the Amazon Appstore App for Android, which comes pre-installed on the Kindle Fire and gives you access to Amazon's frequent Android app deals. Here's how to install it:

Go to Settings and navigate to Unknown sources option (which is under Applications or Security, depending on your device). If Unknown sources is unchecked, tap the checkbox and hit OK.


Then, head to this link to get the app. When the app's downloaded, open your notifications and then tap the file called AmazonApps-release.apk. Tap install, then tap open and you're done. Phew! Now go get some free stuff. [Amazon]

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I wouldn't consider them free since you have to install their awful app store.