5 Photographs Taken Through Prisms

We all forgot when we grew up. Prisms are amazing. Here are a few reminders, compliments of this week's Shooting Challenge.

WINNER: The Dog On The Hill


The passerby dog at the top of the hill was very interested, or so I like to think, in the 30-year old Cokin prism filter I was moving around in front of the lens to get the right angle. I converted the shot to B&W using Silver Efex Pro which gave it the mood I was looking for. Sony RX-100M2,1/2000 sec; f/3.2; ISO 160.

- Costas Kitsos

Glass Pebbles

Glass pebbles in a glass filled with blue water on a window sill. Shot with Samsung Galaxy Note II, Iso 80, f/2.6, 1/455 through a Dragonfly Multi-Prism Lens (1.5 inch diameter). I played a little with the contrast in the final photo, using phone app Pixlr Express. This was a lot of fun!

- Anne Masterson

The Buddha


I like prisms, though I have never shot with them before. This challenge was a lot of fun and a pretty cool learning experience. This picture was taken at a friend's house. This statue was on an accent table in front of a huge entrance door made of frosted glass which acted like a soft box and cast some cool light. This "portrait" of The Buddha turned out to be one of my favorites. It's clean, simple, and peaceful. I hope you enjoy it! Canon 5D MkII + Sigma 24-70mm f2.4 f stop: 2.8 Shutter Speed: 1/60 ISO: 1250

- Matthew Caballero



I was ironically playing with a prism in front of my lens minutes prior to checking out what the photo challenge was for the week. I feel like that was a sign that I had to participate- and also prisms are awesome. My plan was to shoot through a prism and use holographic glitter to get a cool effect but I wasn't really sure how I wanted to incorporate the glitter. I was using two different prism filters, a Spiralite Multimage 5C (shown in the image) and a Spiralite Multimage 3P on camera, but when I wasn't getting anything that I was too thrilled about I decided to take one of the filters off to get a "prisms on prisms on prisms" effect. Shot outdoors in natural light. Canon 7D, 50mm 1.8 lens, Spiralite Multimage 3P Ser. VII Filter. F 4.5, 1/1600sec, ISO 100.

- Jayme Peterson

Mary Trinity


This photograph was shot on the Canon 5D MIII with the 24 - 105mm Lens at a 4 stop. ISO was 160. This picture was taken in my sister's backyard. She has a very unusual collection of items including the antique prism used and the statue of Mary in her yard. She isn't an official "Hoarder" yet but she is well on her way. Her collections include anything from doll heads to misc. china that she purchased at garage sales for the past 15 - 20 years in Los Angeles. The day this picture was taken she had us over for a BBQ. I was bored and got out my camera to play with. I found the prism and had a blast filming oddities for a couple of hours.

- Christian Evans

I won't lie—I'm surprised by the quiet turnout! Apparently, I'm going to have to take my Prism Appreciation Club national. Until then, thanks to the five of you who represented grade school science. The big shots are on flickr.


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