Though the shipping date for JooJoo, the underdog tablet, was recently pushed back to March 25, Fusion Garage isn't letting that time go to waste. They've overhauled the JooJoo's interface, expanded local video playback, and given its backplate a makeover.

Engadget has shots of the tablet's new look, the most striking change being that of the home screen: it now sports a customizable wallpaper with nice, shiny icons. Here's what it looked like when we played with it in December:


The updates aren't only aesthetic, though—Fusion Garage has streamlined and updated navigation gestures, added a moveable, one-hand on-screen keyboard, and ironed out the multitouch kinks on the full keyboard.

The revamped JooJoo also sports a new silver-ish backplate (opposed to the old black one) and apparently runs Flash without a hitch.

With its somewhat sordid past it's hard to get too excited about the JooJoo until Fusion Garage actually starts shipping the thing, but these tweaks make it an increasingly attractive alternative to that other tablet that's headed our way in a few weeks. Head to Engadget for more shots of the makeover. [Engadget]