According to Heat Vision Blog, the Mass Effect movie (we reviewed Mass Effect 2 here) is in talks to get a writer. This is probably the number one game-to-movie translation we want to see right now.

For the unfamiliar, Mass Effect is about a Commander (that's you) with his own ship that goes around collecting allies and shooting space aliens. There's obviously a lot of mortar I left out that holds the plot and action elements together and makes things interesting.


In any case, getting a writer doesn't mean this thing is going to make it to theaters, and this movie just has a writer that's "in talks." But it'll be something we'll be following closely.

Speaking of which, I just heard Martin Sheen in a radio spot for Midas, and all I could think of was the Illusive Man trying to convince me that I needed to get my brakes done there for the good of all humanity. [Heat Vision Blog via Kotaku]