Remote Notifier for Android: This is pretty genius, it sends the notifications you get on your Android phone (calls, sms, voicemails, etc) and directs them to your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). So even if you're on your computer with headphones on, you won't miss any important messages on your phone. Head over to Lifehacker to see how to properly set Android Notifier up. It's easy.

My6sense: It's an app that combines your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader (and Google Buzz) feeds into one stream. On top of that, my6sense will learn your reading habits through what they're calling "digital intuition". Basically, the more you use my6sense, the more personalized the experience will be for you. Facebook status changes from your best friend and Google Reader updates from Gizmodo should eventually pop up first.

Wallpaper Rotator: With Wallpaper Rotator, you'll never get sick of your Android's wallpaper again. The app uses images from your SD card or Flickr to automatically change the wallpaper on your Android phone at intervals (every 30 minutes, hour, six hours, day, or week). So your phone will always feel fresh, you know. In the future, Wallpaper Rotator will also pull images from Picasa and Facebook too.

Real HDMI: If you have a Droid X, you're probably disappointed in the phones limited HDMI port. Well, no more! With the Real HDMI app, you can rig your Droid X to show apps, games, and media on your TV. Just turn on Real HDMI and plug in a HDMI cable and you're off and running. Basically if you didn't think your Droid X's screen was big enough, you now can use your living room LCD as your Android phone's screen. Droid X only. $1.99

Android Book Club: If you still read (good for you!), Android Book Club is a basic app that helps you discover more books to read. It displays various information about books, gives you the NY Times best seller list, supports barcode scanning, direct links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and starring books for future reading. In a future update, it'll sync with Goodreads which should make the app even better. As it stands now, it seems like a decent way to keep track of the books you plan on reading.

HuddleHub: It's a one stop Fantasy Football app because you can control both your Yahoo teams and ESPN teams through HuddleHub. You can drop players, bench/start players and see live scores. The app itself is a little too blue and sorta basic but given that the ESPN Fantasy Football app costs $5, HuddleHub is a damn good value because it's free!

Finger Racer: It turns your Android phone into a treadmill...for your fingers. Kat, who keeps her fingers in tip top shape, says:

Are your fingers feeling fat today? Free app Finger Race will have them running 1 meter and 2 meter races, or even endurance runs at 5 meters in length. They'll be size zeros in no time.

Crazy? Fun? Or crazy fun?

Google Voice Widgets: Using Google Voice on your Android phone just got even easier with two new Google Voice widgets that display your voicemail inbox contents and account settings. According to Sam I am Biddle:

Without leaving your home screen, you'll be able to read messages, send free texts, and view your credit balance.

Makes things a bit more convenient.