Weary travelers, prick up your ears! All those times you wished your suitcase was also a seat? They're over! And all those times you wished your seat had speakers? They're over too!

This is the Trip, by Travelteq. It's small enough to fit in an overhead compartment and has a kangaroo pouch on the front for quickly accessing items without opening the whole thing up. But that's all pretty mundane in light of the fact that the Trip has little foldout legs that turn it into a chair. That you can sit on! When you're tired at the airport and all the other seats are taken?

And that's not all! Another version of the Trip, the Trip Sound, has detachable speakers incorporated into the suitcase itself. And, according to the press release, a battery for juicing up your iPhone or Blackberry on the go. The Trip Sound runs for €650 and the regular Trip for €595. A bit pricey, but remember—you're not just buying luggage; you're buying luggage you can sit on and listen to. [TravelTeq]