A leaked Verizon document on Droid Life is an unverified glimpse into the company's future releases. Too bad it's filled with web only and Wednesday-release weirdness.

Droid Life posted the leaked "Upcoming Product Launches" document today. The big news is a release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus dropping on November 21 as "web only." Remember when the Google Nexus was a web-only release, yeah that didn't work out too hot. If you live in Europe, you can get your Droid-touching fingers on the Galaxy Nexus on November 17th.


The document also lists the availability of two flavors of the Motorola Xoom 2. The eight and 10-inch versions of the Xoom 2 are stated to become available on Wednesday November 30th. Which flies in the face of the usual Verizon Thursday launch date. With the holidays upon us, maybe Verizon decided to mix it up. [Droid Life via The Verge]

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