Version 1 โ€” 21ร—21 โ€” This reads, "Ver1" Image: Autopilot

Version 2 โ€” 25ร—25 โ€” This reads, "Version 2" Image: Autopilot

Version 3 โ€” 29ร—29 โ€” This reads, "Version 3 QR code" Image: Autopilot


Version 4 โ€” 33ร—33 โ€” This reads, "Version 4 QR code, up to 50 char"

Version 10 โ€” 57ร—57 โ€” This reads, "Version 10 QR code, up to 174 char at H level, with 57x57 modules and plenty of error correction to go around. Note that there are additional tracking boxes"


Version 40 โ€” 177ร—177 โ€” This reads, "Version 40 QR code can contain up to 1852 chars."