686 Snow Tool Belt Just Needs Batarangs

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In our never-ending quest of building our own super-powered utility belt, we came across this 686 Snow Toolbelt. While appearing to be a normal pant-holder-upper, this snowboarder waistpiece is really packing two screwdrivers, a hex socket wrench and one ever-useful bottle opener. BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow quite literally tried one on for size and has been pleased with the results. And at around $20, it's really no more expensive than the non-geek version would cost you at the Gap (though admittedly, Gap gives you a free tool with every purchase). [product via boingboing]


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Deadspin in Carbonite

I have 686 board pants and they have a similar kit inside a pocket. Pretty handy at base but anyone who makes adjustments in the elevations with their glovies off is in for a treat. HINT: keep the leash attached to your stick.

686 is great gear without the name recognition and price.