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69 percent of Americans have never heard of Buzzfeed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

People in media are dissecting the latest Pew Research figures on politicization in media. There are quite a few interesting factoids to draw from the poll. But what surprised me most was the percentage of Americans who say they'd heard of each news outlet. Almost seven out of ten Americans have never even heard of Buzzfeed.

Ninety-five percent of respondents said they'd heard of CNN. Which means that 5 percent of Americans have literally never even heard of CNN. Which sounds strange, but is completely possible when you think about it. But for all the talk about online media being the future, there's still a shocking number of people who have never heard of outlets like Politico (68 percent), Buzzfeed (69 percent) and Slate (79 percent).

I guess those of us who work in online media shouldn't feel too bad. About 47 percent of Americans have never even heard of NPR, if you can believe that.


You can read all of the stats (including the breakdown for political affiliation) over at Pew. Gawker Media was not included in the poll.


Image: 2014 Buzzfeed image distributed by AP

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