Reducing the price of those HD DVD players to a rock-bottom $99 must be catching on, with 90,000 of its HD DVD sold last weekend. Most of them were those Toshiba HD-A2 players (pictured here) sold by Wal-Mart and Best Buy, locking horns in a price war, and resulting in a welcome reduction in inventory of those older models. The source "close to retailers" refused to be named so this might as well be a player count of 900k. Who knows?

Toshiba didn't really have anything to do with those price reductions. It figures. If the company is losing hundreds of dollars on each player, selling 90,000 of them is probably nothing to brag about. Just think, if the company loses $500 per player, we're talking $45 million over one weekend. Apparently, somebody really wants the HD DVD format to emerge victorious. Or just wants a bigger piece of the retail pie and to get old tech off their shelves pronto. [Video Business]