9's Number 8 Will Protect You From The Machines

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We've got an exclusive look at the ragdoll character poster for 8, from Tim Burton's end-of-the-world film 9. Little 8 was created in order to protect the rag dolls from the evil machine uprising, and wields a meat cleaver.

According to Focus Features:

About 8:

Armed with a giant kitchen cleaver and half a scissor blade, the none-too-bright muscle and enforcer of the group, 8, is created to help the others physically survive the dangerous, post-apocalyptic world.

Insider Trivia:

8 is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who studied animation at UCLA with director Shane Acker, where he became known for his voiceover talents on other students' films. Fred was enlisted to voice 8, the "brawn to 1''s brain if you will," says Acker.


Here's the high res. version of the poster:


9 will be released in theaters on 9/9/09.