A $100 Blu-ray Player Just In Time for Father's Day

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In honor of summer and men who procreate everywhere, Meijer is offering a $100 Blu-ray player through July 31st. Of course, it's from the not-so-celebrated Curtis Mathes brand.

But it supports 1080p playback over HDMI 1.3, optical audio and ethernet.

Perusing user comments on Amazon, the big complaints seem to be load times (which you should expect to crawl), lack of solid BD-R support and poor standard DVD playback quality. If you can tolerate burdening your father—the seed who brought you into the world—with such technological inconveniences, it just might be worth a shot for $100.


Add coupon code "DOTMJR09" and get free shipping. [Meijer via Dealnews]

UPDATE: And if you're willing to pay a little more, Walmart's got a Magnavox for under $130.