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A 625 Pinhole Camera Rig Is the Craziest Way to Shoot Bullet Time Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've seen a few crazy bullet time rigs in our day, but this one might take the cake both for "coolest" and "most over the top." For the music video of London Grammar's “Wasting My Young Years” photographers put together a setup that used a whopping 625 pinhole cameras to awesomely stop time. It's ridiculous.


The effect is damn cool in its own right, but the behind the scenes stuff that's really wild. The shoot was put together by Bison and Academy Plus, and when you're working with a gigantic, DIY, circular rig, even things like loading up the film can be pretty challenging. But for the most part, the whole production turned out pretty well.

You can see plenty of bits and pieces in the behind the scenes video above, but here's the finished product if you want to see it all in its final form.

Where can I get me one of those? And also the ability to throw myself up in the air like that? Talent all around. [DIYPhotography via PetaPixel]