Designed for impoverished students and those who couldn't care less about posture, the bean bag chair is rarely regarded as a stylish addition to a well-appointed room. That is, until designer Antoinette Bader managed to turn the lowly specimen into a throne fit for a criminal mastermind, an evil dictator, or your average CEO.

The Marie bean bag chair has been completely classed-up thanks to a top section of triangular padded segments that can be reconfigured into a variety of different sitting options. But it's still a bean bag chair at heart, and is filled with a sea of polystyrene beads so if you really just want to slump down it will happily accomodate your sloth. As for pricing? You can safely assume the Marie is targeted at those who can demand gigantic ransoms from the world's leaders, instead of students living off Ramen noodles.


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