A Better Look at HP's Compact MediaSmart Server LX195

Illustration for article titled A Better Look at HPs Compact MediaSmart Server LX195

Here's a better shot of the HP LX195 MediaSmart Windows Home Server. It looks like it has 0 expandable bays (the bigger ones have SATA trays), and only comes with four USB ports.


Our guess is that the upside is the unit is going to be very cheap (but somewhat underpowered in terms of hardware). There's Gigabit Ethernet on this thing at the very least, but the LX195 is definitely aimed at people with less than an obscene amount of storage, but still have the need for a Windows Home Server. [Gizmologia via Engadget via Crunchgear]

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I am assuming the other connection there is for a ugly ass external power brick. No thanks. Unless of course that is not a power port and the thing runs on rainbows and puppies, in which case, sign me up.