A Brief History of Real Live Kickass Robots

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It's a foregone conclusion that in the future, we'll be willing servants to our robot overlords. But how did we get there? Behold the man-made ancestors of our future tin can rulers, as curated by The Old Robot Web Site. [via Patent Authority]

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Some of these robots look amazing, and if there was a scale for technology then vs today (kind of like inflation) I think those are more high tech than some of what we have today.... But I also think there could be something WAY more advanced in the works than ASIMO or whatever Toyotas robot is called...... and that is fuckin scary. I think that within the next 20 years we could have a fully functioning humanoid machine, that if you were able to put skin on, could pass as a human from a distance. The whole AI thing is another story, and I dont see machines ever taking over.... programming is only as good as the progammer, and a machines ability to learn is directly related to its programming.