A capella group's Battlestar Galactica's "All Along the Watchtower" is all the Glee we need

Now this is choral anthem we can get behind. Spare me your endless Lady Gaga covers — the Sacramento State Jazz Singers just nailed Bear McCreary's BSG version of "All Along the Watchtower." Hey Glee, take notes.


If you don't get chills listening to this, you're dead inside.

[via Topless Robot]



The entire "All Along the Watchtower" thing on BSG got progressively silly, and was never the greatest idea.

On a general level, I even agreed with the whole idea that "history repeats, its the cosmic pattern, the same as that they speak English, and have similar clothes to us"

That sort of makes sense. What *doesn't* make sense is how seasons 3 and 4 kept relying on the song as if it was some brilliant, mysterious plot element....particularly season 3......but the problem is....there was no payoff to that. It didn't have much significance and just petered out.

I mean at MOST, in the ending, it was this utterly random "if you assign numbers to the notes, they form the jump coordinates to Earth"

.....this coming from a series which used to have great drama and political commentary, like ini "Pegasus".

It wasn't just that it was mildly silly....its that it was extremely over-used (to the point that the season 3 finale ends with an extended music montage scene of it)

It wasn't "clever" no matter how much they try to convince themselves it was.