A Chef's Knife Made From Plastic Wrap Proves Everything in Your Kitchen Is a Blade Waiting to Happen

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You might think the most dangerous part of a roll of plastic wrap is the metal cutting blade on the package, but another hazard lurks within the roll itself. After turning aluminum foil into an functional blade, Japan’s most talented knife maker has now demonstrated how a roll of regular food wrap can be hardened, sharpened, and used to slice and dice.

You can already find plastic knives designed for slicing lettuce and other delicate vegetables in stores, but those are mostly nylon, whereas food wraps are typically made from polyvinylidene chloride (PVC). To go from flexible food-preserving sheets to a block of plastic that can be shaped and sharpened just requires the addition of a lot of heat to melt and solidify the roll.

Just remember that this 10-minute video has been cut down from hours of hard work. Unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and/or a YouTube following you’re trying to grow, you’re almost certainly better off buying yourself a cheap plastic knife.