... for your wall. Ever wanted to basically do what Skeletor never could? Now’s your chance! Well, as long as you have a rather ludicrous amount of money, this massive head of poor Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe could be yours to mount above your fireplace in a mixture of sadness and pride.

Super 7 have well and truly taken the reigns on the Masters of the Universe line recently, and they’re going all out with this incredibly limited-run of life size trophy Battle Cat heads. Made out of fiberglass and coming in at a whopping 31” tall, 22” wide and 22” deep, the humogous head is meant to be in scale with how big Battle Cat would actually be before you lopped his head off and shoved it onto your wall (you meanie).


Battle Cat can be displayed with his armored helmet on or off to boot! Poor fella. So garishly colored, even in death.

Although the timing of this reveal might be a little unfortunate for Super 7, if you want a Battle Cat trophy of your own, it’s going to cost you quite a bit and be hard to get—not only are just 10 being made, it’ll also set you back a whopping $8,500. That’s a rather humongous pile of cash for the severed plastic head of a fictional cat.

Still interested? You can find the trophy on Super 7’s webstore.

[Via Toy News International]

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