A Crew Demolished The Wrong House Two Different Times

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Look, we all know how it is. You're at work, but your mind is somewhere else. It happens. You can't be too hard on yourself. Ideally your lack of attention wouldn't result in the wrongful demolition of two houses, but you're only human, right?


In Fort Worth, Texas, the same code enforcement officer and crew were responsible for two mistakes in two days during July resulting in significant loss of personal property for some local residents. The crew had orders to demolish two condemned structures. The first was a burned out building, but when the crew went to take it down, they also accidentally demolished a house behind it. Luckily no one was hurt, but the owners of the house lost personal property and, you know, their house. The second incident occurred the next day when the demolition crew took down a vacant, but intact, house instead of the structurally damaged house next door that they were supposed to hit. Again, no injuries, but certainly not optimal.

The code enforcement officer in charge of both demolitions is currently on paid leave. A Fort Worth city spokesperson told the CBS Dallas/Fort Worth that, “There were two different types of human error.” Ya think? [Consumerist]

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What kind of punishment is paid leave? Isn't that more like a reward?