A Cute Lamp That's Also a Bulletin Board

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Well isn't this is just about the most perfect little desk lamp around. Called the Luminaire Post, it's two things rolled into one: a light source and a bulletin board. So each time you flip it on, you get a glimpse of the items on your to-do list.


Crafted by Brazilian design shop Studio Ninho, the lamp is pretty simple: three wooden legs, a socket, and a cork board shade where you can tack all your notes. It comes in a little tube with all of its pieces, and you get to assemble it yourself; the video below shows how easy that is. And it's a case of form following function—not only is it adorable, but it might help you be a little more productive. [Design Milk]

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looks like a fire hazard to me...

-edit- ok, maybe not since its fluorescent.