A delightfully insane Polish pop music video set on a disco spaceship

They play glowing, futuristic instruments in space, where asymmetrical hair is totally awesome. They're . . . Ambulans, a Polish band from Kielce, whose new song "Wiem Że" will remind you that Italo disco never died. [via Europopped]


Corpore Metal

Well, it may be a very long, boring and quiet trip zipping at superluminal speeds between the Orion and Sagittarius Arms of our galaxy or between the Lesser Magellanic and the Sombrero Hat galaxies. And after your thousandth trip as captain on largely automated scout vessel, the majesty of the stellar nursery clouds might look pretty dull after a while.

So you ask the computer to summon up a few holograms and some cheesy, forgettable pop music—whatever's in the top 40 of Nova Paris.

But as a fellow space captain, I don't really care for his choice of music. Personally I think Drone's vid has a much more kickin' bass line.