A Detailed Map Showing all the Mysteries of Fringe

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Fringe doesn't come back for another couple months, but we haven't stopped obsessing about that baffling cliffhanger, and all the questions that the show has left us struggling with.

But to help tide you over, here's a detailed map of the United States of America — both of them — in the Fringe universe(s). (Click to enlarge, or right-click and select "open in new tab.")

It's the work of Jonah Adkins, the professional cartographer/analyst for a DOD contractor whose map of Lost's island we featured last year.


Want to see how the Pattern overlaps with the Fringe events? Want to see how the Fringe version of America differs from ours? This map will provide hours of Fringe nerdery. And click over to the link to see an even bigger version. [Multiverse of Fringe]