A Double-Filtered Water Bottle That Lights--and Lightens--Your Load

It's rarely the case that buying a two-in-one product is better than purchasing each component separately. But ÖKO makes a strong case for merging your flashlight and water bottle when you're heading off into the wilderness. Its Odyssey provides both safe hydration and ample illumination when you'e trying to keep your backpack light.

When it comes to hydration, the Odyssey features a carbon filter not unlike what you'd find in a Brita, removing particulates and chlorine to improve how the water tastes and smells. But it adds another more advanced filter that promises to remove bacteria and other harmful unwanted H20 inhabitants when you don't have access to water from a tap.


That alone makes this water bottle a top contender, but it gets better. A storage compartment on the bottom of the $50 Odyssey can be used to hold snacks and emergency supplies. Or it can be swapped out for a reversible LED flashlight that also turns the bottle into a diffuse glowing lantern when you don't need a direct beam. It's amazing how something can be so useful without the addition of a clock radio. [ÖKO via Gizmag]

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