A Face-Tracking Marshmallow Cannon Aims Straight For Your Mouth

Illustration for article titled A Face-Tracking Marshmallow Cannon Aims Straight For Your Mouth

Normally, you wouldn't want to have a cannon aimed at your face, much less a cannon that can see your face and follow it around. But a team of mechanical and electrical engineering students at Olin College decided to challenge that notion with their marshmallow-firing Confectionary Cannon. It's worth getting in this sucker's sights.


The premise is simple: take a tube of plastic and make a 30 PSI marshmellow cannon, then put it on a rotating rig, load it up with facial recognition software, and tell it to aim for the mouth. What more could you want out of life than to be in the same room with this thing?

Granted, the Confectionary Cannon is not voice controlled, like some popcorn cannons we've seen, but it does get a leg-up for being demonstrably real. And apparently it only costs $250 to build. You can read more about it over on its dedicated website, but the sweetest treat is just knowing it exists. [Hack a Day]



Finally, someone using Facial recognition technology for something that isn't evil!