A Fake Facebook Apology That Rings True

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook mea culpa from a few weeks back sounded a little forced, didn't it? Here's what he really wanted to say. He's soooooo sorry about all that privacy stuff, guys. Seriously. [UCB Comedy]

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Michael Scrip

Geez... the Facebook privacy thing has gotten so big that there are parodies of it now. It's definitely a part of popular culture. Everyone is talking about it.

So... if you still have your cell phone number, home address and any other sensitive information posted on your Facebook page... the only one to blame now is yourself.

PROBLEM: Facebook sells your personal info

SOLUTION: Don't post your personal info

Look... Facebook is a great service and you can do a lot of things with it. But, it's still a perfectly functional website even if you don't fill your profile with every personal detail about yourself.

I'll continue to use Facebook as I always have... reading status updates and sharing photos. I've assessed the situation and have taken the proper precautions to continue to enjoy the website.

The reason I don't have a problem with Facebook is because I know that the words "Internet" and "Privacy" don't go together. I know to not be a complete moron by filling out my profile with stuff I don't want anyone to know.