A first look at Tinkerballa from Felicia Day's The Guild, taking aim

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Here's an exclusive first look at the cover art for Dark Horse Comics' upcoming comic book The Guild: Tink by none other than Felicia Day. This one-shot delves into the history of The Guild's most enigmatic character.

And here's the solicitation info:

The Guild: Tink
Writer: Felicia Day
Penciller: Kristian Donaldson, Jeremy Bastian, Wellinton Alves, Tim Seeley, Adam Warren
Inker: Kristian Donaldson, Jeremy Bastian, Jason Gorder, Tim Seeley, Adam Warren
Cover: Ron Chan with a Peter Bagge variant
On sale: 3/16/10
Price $3.50
Felicia Day returns to her Internet and comics sensation The Guild with a story spotlighting the Knights of Good's most mysterious member, Tinkerballa!
While some of the other Guild members have gotten a little too involved in each other's offline lives, Tink has fiercely guarded her privacy, and the Knights of Good still know almost nothing about her. When they begin to pry, the Guild gets more than they bargained for-but is any of it true? Joining Felicia Day for these tall tales are Kristian Donaldson, Jeremy Bastian, Wellinton Alves, Tim Seeley, and Adam Warren!


You can read more of Felicia Day's comic work in the first trade paperback collection of The Guild, which is out tomorrow. Also, here's a look at Peter Bagge's alternate cover for the Tink one-shot.