A Fleshlight Turned Into an Input Device Lets You Control Your Computer By Fucking It

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Inspired by our own Addy's post on a man and his "love" of robots, the guy at SlashDong decided to take a Fleshlight and make it into an input device for his computer. The whole setup costs about $100ish, and consists of a cap replacement for the Fleshlight, a control box, a rubber tube, and a USB cable. Oh, and an actual sex game to use it with. You didn't think you could use this to Photoshop, did you?

The end result, after programming the computer to think that this makeshift device is a mouse, is that you can use your wang to simulate having sex with a woman on screen. Of course, it's an incredibly ugly woman with 1995-era graphics, but it corresponds to your penile motions. Is this a revolution in sexual computing? Are we going to see more of these devices in the future? We think yes. [Slashdong (NSFW) via Fleshbot (NSFW)]