A frozen Niagara Falls light show looks like a magical wonderland

Niagara Falls is always powerfully beautiful. A frozen Niagara Falls is even more impressive, like pressing pause on nature to hear the silence. A frozen Niagara Falls filled with colors from a light show? Just look. Photographer Michael Muraz showed us these amazing images of Niagara Falls and the frozen colors make it look like a wonderland.

Niagara Falls puts on a light show when dusk falls so you can see the falling water light up in the colors of the rainbow. It's a lively way to brighten up the night but it looks way cooler when the Falls are frozen.


Michael Muraz explains:

We shot for 1 hour or so before sunset and then we went inside to warm up, waiting for the lights. The show started during blue hour, which was perfect to get balance between the colors and the sky. When it got darker, we started seeing the light rays in the sky, providing a stunning composition on the American falls.

You can see more pictures here.


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