A Game Where You Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions Is Madness

Even with an instruction manual, assembling Ikea furniture can challenge the most amateur of do-it-yourselfers. But in this simple Mac and PC game called Höme Improvisåtion, players are challenged to assemble a box of parts into lamps, desks, and other furniture without any manuals, guidance, or idea of what the final product should look like. It sounds like the most entertaining way to spend a frustrated afternoon.

The game was developed by Aj Kolenc, Jessica Jackson, Colton Spross, and Josh Faubel in less than 48 hours as part of the recent Global Game Jam held in Atlanta. And if you thought trying to build flat-pack furniture by yourself was frustrating, the game supports multi-player as well so your friends can all grab a piece and try to figure out where they all need to go—at the same time. It's pure madness and chaos, but it still sounds less frustrating than visiting an actual Ikea store. [Höme Improvisåtion via c|net]


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