Maybe walking around a life-sized maze made of file folders is a hellish work stress dream you've had before. But artist Emmanuelle Moreaux has brought a similar idea to life in a rainbow of an installation for Japan's Shinjuku Creators Festa 2013.

The piece is called 100 Colors, named for the one hundred different hues Moreaux has suspended from the ceiling. The colors were chosen from the thousands of shades produced by a Takeo, a Japanese paper maker. Moreaux also says the installation was directly inspired by Japan and its colorful environments:

When I first arrived in Tokyo, I was fully fascinated by the colors overflowing on the street. In that very moment, my mind decided to move to japan. Overwhelming number of store signs, flying electrical cables, and flashes of blue sky framed by various volumes of buildings, created three dimensional 'layers' in the city. The flood of various colors pervaded the street built up a complex depth and intensity in the space. these indelible experiences of colors and layers in tokyo were the inspiration and essence of my design concept of 'shikiri', which means dividing (creating) space with colors.

100 Colors is on display until the end of the month, and it's intended to be interactive. The artist has purposely placed beanbag chairs beneath the 840 sheets, inviting the audience to engage with the piece. It's unlikely the pictures do 100 Colors justice, but you bet it's probably the closest thing to sitting inside of a rainbow. [DesignBoom]