A GoPro For Kids Captures How Those Skinned Knees Happened

The outlandish stunts of even the most extreme athletes still can't compare to the exploits of a bored six-year-old on a Saturday afternoon. And the only thing more thrilling than jumping a tricycle off a makeshift ramp is watching the replay of the resulting crash again and again. So VTech has made a kid-friendly GoPro-like action cam that can be mounted to skateboards, wagons, and scooters.


The Kidizoom Action Cam is shockproof, waterproof (with an included submersible housing), sticky finger-proof, and is designed to survive almost anything a kid can throw at it. The camera's resolution isn't known, but with a price tag of around $75 it most certainly won't be able to compete with an actual GoPro in terms of image quality—but kids won't care.

The Kidizoom Action Cam's paltry 128MB of onboard storage will need to be immediately expanded using its microSD card slot, because the last thing you want is kids begging you to offload footage once they've filled it in five minutes. The camera also does time-lapses, so kids can document the construction and subsequent demolition of a backyard fort, and it includes games and other digital distractions to help hold a child's interest for more than half an hour. [Pocket-lint]

Photos by Pocket-lint

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