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A Gumby-Like Webcam That Can Be Any Shape You Need

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Writing about a new webcam feels as pointless as writing about a new calculator—everybody already has them built into every device they use. But if you still need one, Hercules' HD Twist should fit your 8 year old laptop.

Like those posable wire-filled Gumby dolls, the base of the $35 webcam is made from pliable silicone that can be twisted and manipulated into any shape or form. So the 720P camera can easily clamp onto an irregularly-shaped monitor, or simply form its own stand and sit on a desk. Heck, as long as you don't mind the 70-inch cable hanging off your wrist, you can even wear it as a watch and chat to your friends Dick Tracy style. [Hercules via The Gadgeteer]