A Hammock In a Backpack Is All You Really Need For Camping

When you think of everything you really need for a weekend of camping, what comes to mind? Food? A change of clothing? A guitar? Wrong, wrong, wrong. All you really need is a comfy place to nap away the hours. So Nick Scroggs and Fred Bane created the HackedPack, a backpack featuring the most important camping accessory already built-in: a hammock.


But not just a hammock. The $115 HackedPack also includes all of the ropes, straps, carabiners, and other accessories needed to strap this hammock to a tree and instantly start lazing about after a hike to your campsite.

Thanks to a clever pass-through design the hammock doesn't put any stress on the backpack's straps while it's hanging, so there's no risk of tearing or destroying it. But, while the hammock's strapped to a tree, your backpack hangs along with it so you don't have to leave it on the ground and let the local bugs move in. [HackedPack via 7Gadgets]

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