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A Hidden Tesla Coil Wirelessly Powers This Lamp's Interchangeable Bulbs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Based on a fun demo used at science centers across the country, the Arc Light features a pair of glowing LED tubes that aren’t actually connected to the lamp in any way. Instead, tucked out of sight is a compact Tesla coil that wirelessly powers the bulbs whenever they’re close enough.

Designed by Vedat Ulgen, the Arc Light’s walnut wood base is hand cut with a series of slots designed to hold the long LED-filled tubes in various positions. But no matter where they’re placed, the bulbs will automatically come to life and glow as long as the Tesla coil hidden behind the lamp is switched on.


As a lamp, its functionality might be questionable, but as a design and conversation piece, it will no doubt have your guests trying to guess how it all works without wires. It’s up to you to let them in on the secret—or let them keep thinking you’re some kind of sorcerer.


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