A hoarder's airplane graveyard in Ohio, reclaimed by nature

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In northeastern Ohio, there's a bucolic airplane graveyard filled with the decaying remains of old jets, like this Vought F7U Cutlass. Here's an eerie video of these rotting old birds.

Photographer Michael Wendell told Telstar Logistics about his encounter with the graveyard's owner, who seemed to be hoarding the planes rather than repairing or scrapping them:

First of all, the man is an extreme hoarder. While I didn't see inside their house, I did see that junk seemed to be stacked high against every window. During our discussion he told me that the Feds changed the rules regarding surplus airplane purchases because of him, tightening them down to the point that he hasn't purchased a plane since the 1970's [...] In addition to the airplanes shown clearly in the videos, there's a B-36 in pieces and some other huge tanker, both forming the north wall of the property. There are sheds and sheds of parts and pieces, and every airframe is stuffed to the gills with... more stuff. Everything is suffering from the harsh lake-effect snows in the area and 30+ years of exposure.

Wendell doesn't reveal where the graveyard is, but the location seems pretty rural from the looks of it. The verdant setting makes these photos all the creepier. Unlike hyper-organized, military-sanctioned graveyards, the Ohio graveyard resembles the remains of some secret Rust Belt war from the 1960s.