Heist movies like Ocean's Twelve and Entrapment often feature the now-cliché laser-filled room that requires a limber thief to skillfully navigate the beams lest they trigger an alarm. And as old hat as that's become, it would admittedly still be pretty fun to try it in real life—so the folks at Nerdworking built one for anyone to give it their best shot at the designer's HQ in Istanbul.

Instead of a priceless necklace or a famous painting, the only reward in this laser-protected room is bragging rights for making it all the way through in under three minutes. And so that you take the challenge very seriously, the green 200mW lasers used do have the potential to burn your skin should you trip a beam. But when that happens everything shuts down immediately, so your only real punishment is the shame of failure. [Nerdworking via Notcot]